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Convert Notebook to Python

In this tutorial, you will learn how to convert your Python code written in a Jupyter notebook to a single python file in order to automate testing and Machine Leaning model deployment in a production environment, after data exploratory and analysis.

We will introduce 2 simple ways in which notebooks can be casted into a python script with JupyterLab GUI and the nbconvert command.


You will need either Jupyter Notebook and nbconvert on your workstation, or to use the modules provided in the MeluXina software environment.

  • On your workstation you can use pip install notebook nbconvert to install them
  • On MeluXina you can simply use module load JupyterLab within an interactive job

Conversion process

Make sure your code is well-factored: all code should be factored to functions and those functions must be easy tested.

As a general good practice, any unused code should be cleaned out from the Jupyter Notebook when moving to a production application.

  • Jupyter Lab GUI

Save As Exe

  • nbconvert:

    jupyter nbconvert --to script your_notebook.ipynb